COVID-19, Pastoral Message for Summer 2020

Dear Congregation:

The last number of months have been a different experience for all of us. Many have experienced brand new levels of stress and concern, and our spiritual journeys have certainly been tested along the way. Now, with the Atlantic Bubble in effect, new concerns are arising and time will tell how things turn out. The good news, however, remains the same – we all serve an unchanging God! As a congregation, our new focus is now determining how we can safely and respectfully navigate ministry and embrace a new vision for the remainder of 2020.

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We understand many of you are eager to jump into ‘regular services,’ however, as a local church we need to remember we are called to spiritually lead the community in a responsible manner. As a result…

We need to respect the rules and regulations and create a safe atmosphere that helps protect those around us and mitigate the potential risks.

Religious gatherings have been identified as a high-risk activity. While the Government has allowed for religious gatherings with regulations, these regulations are quite extensive, and therefore safely hosting ‘regular services’ is quite challenging. At the end of the day, we certainly don’t want True Life Church to be identified as the place that allowed COVID-19 to spread as the Atlantic Bubble opens. As a result, we are postponing the decision to publicly open for ‘regular services’ and will revaluate as the summer progresses.

This certainly doesn’t mean ministry is over for the summer! Over the past number of months, many of you have connected as fellow believers. This is a beautiful expression of Christian fellowship and believe it or not, it’s the Church in action. True Life Church doesn’t have to officially organize events in order for the Church to be in operation.

As believers, we all make up the Church, and every time we get together, it’s the Church in action.

That means, every small group that gathers, every phone call, zoom call, or every time we reach out to show someone we care, we are acting as the Church, and that’s a beautiful thing!

As we look forward to opening and relaunching ministry, we’re are looking at a couple of different ministries that we are really excited about!

1. Out-Door Services – a time of music and devotion outside. Dates, times, and locations to be determined.

2. JOURNEY – a discipleship class where you can ask as many questions as you’d like, as we journey through and discover what the Bible says and learn how to become passionate believers for Christ!

3. Fall Ministry – it will be a new time and new beginnings. Ministry may look different, but we are excited how we can reach out beyond ourselves and allow the Spirit to navigate us forward.

How these developing ministries will be carried out, is still in the planning stages; however, we are excited to see how it will all come together, and how you will be a part of it! After all, the Church exists to make disciples and to duplicate that over and over again!

Continue to pray for the pastoral team, everyone that calls True Life home, and anyone searching for answers. The Kingdom is growing, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Don’t let what once was dictate how we feel about ministry today, let’s dream of what ministry could look like tomorrow! Ministry isn’t over and God doesn’t want us to despair.

We are moving forward, doing it safely, and praying as ministry takes on new forms!


For the Kingdom;

Pastoral Team
True Life Church

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